I cannot believe I missed writing about Thanksgiving! I started this awesome recipe bomb post and never got to finish it. Such is life with a crazy toddler! Our Thanksgiving turned out much easier and better then expected and aside from the smoked turkey my dad graced us with, was entirely gluten and dairy free! Husband pissed me off a little by eating the glutinous turkey anyways and was in a lovely fog for about 3 days after but it was worth it and he enjoyed it so much he just took it all in stride.

Here is what we made:

Green bean casserole with this cream of mushroom soup

Ham with a brown sugar glaze that husband concocted

Sweet potato casserole from a family recipe with walnuts and brown sugar on top

Potato latkes with a cranberry apple type chutney sauce from a recipe my dad found in his local newspaper in Oregon

Eggnog cheesecake with a crust made out of oat flour and gf pecan shortbread cookies

Thai pumpkin lime custard also from a recipe my dad found in the newspaper

Pumpkin pie with almond crust

Smoked turkey and bbq sauce from Hole in the Wall

Salad/fruit/other randomness that made it to the table

I have to say, considering the particular food restrictions we were under, I was REALLY impressed with how most of it turned out. The green bean casserole was by far everyone’s favorite. While it is time consuming, it is worth it and the leftovers lasted days. I will definitely be making it again and freezing half. We deep fried our own onions for the topping and aside from the soup, we just tossed in the green beans and added the onions on top and baked it. I wish my food processor made the cashew “cream” more smooth but that is just something to work on.

The only thing I wasn’t happy with was the pumpkin pie. I went outside the box with the pie crust even though I should have used the walnut and coconut recipe I found since I knew the flavor would be good. I also tried a different pumpkin pie filling recipe when I already had a reliable one that would have easily adapted to dairy free. I owe husband a pumpkin pie for Christmas as it is one of his favorites, not mine and he didn’t care for the pumpkin custard we had.

I on the other hand LOVED the flavor of lime and pumpkin together but wouldn’t make the recipe on my own. I wish I had it to share with you guys but I didn’t get to write it down before my dad left; if I get it I will pass it along. The eggnog cheesecake was husbands favorite since the pie didn’t turn out.

Overall, I was really happy with the fact that I didn’t feel like I was slaving away in the kitchen but the meal still turned out delicious. It was great to do most prep ahead of time and enjoy the day with the family!


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